Beginning in 2011, PHC's Medical Plan options will pay for services according to a three-tier structure that offers financial incentives to those who use ProHealth Care facilities, affiliated facilities and affiliated physicians.

In-network providers will fall into one of two in-network tiers that will determine your out-of-pocket expenses. Review the Medical Outline of Benefits for additional information.

  • Tier 1 - Providers include WMH; OMH; PHC joint venture facilities; Children's Hospital; ProHealth Care closely affiliated physicians;
    UW Health physicians and MCW pediatric sub-specialty providers.
  • Tier 2 - Aetna Open Choice PPO Network.
  • Tier 3 / Out-of-Network - All other providers not participating in the WIDS Network or in the Aetna Open Choice PPO Network.

Non-Network providers do not appear in this directory.

The use of non-network providers will result in substantial out-of-pocket cost to you.