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How do I see a specialist?

You do not need a referral from your PCP in order to see a specialist. It is your responsibility to verify that the specialist you choose is a member of the WIDS ProHealth Network, otherwise, your benefits will be affected. Tier 1 specialists are listed in this directory. If you have any questions about what types of specialists are available in the network, call the WIDS office at (262) 928-4767.

What do I do in an emergency situation?

In a medical emergency, go to the nearest hospital, even if you are outside the service area at the time, or if the hospital is a non-network facility. The Aetna Customer Service Department must be notified of any admission.

What if my PCP cannot see me?

Urgent care centers are included in the ProHealth Network for situations which demand immediate attention. Remember, always contact your PCP before obtaining medical attention. If you are ill or injured after hours, or cannot be seen by your PCP within a reasonable time, you may use any of the WIDS ProHealth urgent care centers.

Employee Health Onsite Clinics

People who participate in ProHealth Care's health benefit plan and their dependents age six and older can also take adavantage of the fast professional care provided at the five employee health clinics located at:

  • Oconomowoc Physician Center.
  • ProHealth Medical Group in Mukwonago.
  • ProHealth Medical Group in New Berlin.
  • ProHealth Medical Group in Watertown.
  • ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital.

If you need care for minor illnesses, infections or injuries, a nurse practitioner or physician assistant can assist from Monday through Friday, 8.a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Walk-in visits are welcome, but appointments are preferred. Call 262-928-5900 to schedule.

The fee is $10 and will not count toward your deductible. Any additional services, including diagnostic tests, will be billed to your medical insurance.

The service is designed to provide an affordable and convenient option for care when and where you need it. Individuals wiith complex issues or chronic conditions will be referred to their primary care provider.