Welcome to the ProHealth Care Self-funded Employee Health Benefit Plans

Served by the Waukesha Integrated Delivery System (WIDS) Network
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Choosing the ProHealth Care Self-funded Employee Health Benefit Plans is your first step to taking advantage of the familiar ProHealth Care hospitals and health care services and our affiliated network of physicians.

This directory lists all of the participants in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 of the network and provides basic information about using the ProHealth Network.

Please visit HR Source on the iNet for full details about benefit levels and coverage.

Waukesha Integrated Delivery System (WIDS) is a partnership among ProHealth Care hospitals and closely affiliated Waukesha County independent medical groups.

WIDS was established in 1996 and presently represents over 850 primary and specialty affiliated physicians in Waukesha County and surrounding area communities. WIDS has contractual relationships with approximately 1800 additional physicians in order to provide enrollees with a full service network.

Our mission is to organize the health care resources of Waukesha County into a cost-effective, high quality care delivery system.

We strive to improve the health of the communities we serve by providing health care services that emphasize customer service, patient education and care management across the continuum of our delivery system.

We provide care at more than 100 clinic locations in a broad spectrum of specialties incorporating a wide selection of ancillary services.